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IQ Option Withdrawal 2016

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IQ Option Withdrawal 2016


IQ Option has the great reputation because it is on the market for a long time already. The main reasons why it is so successful is that there is a high level of satisfaction from users. No surprise, that the quantity of users rises every year and not only in Russia but also all over the World. For now, it is among the most successful brokers. The platform has large versatility and excellent customer service, so it is getting more and more popular every year. 


                               Broker Review
 IQ Option Withdrawal Review

In order to get everything that you earned on the bank account (or purses payment systems), the user needs just to follow simple instructions. The procedure is carried out only if the trading account is specified in the application. It is impossible to withdraw bonus funds, which are given to make start-up capital. From the account, the trader can remove only the money that he earned (all this info can be found in the conditions of work and pay regulations).
In order to transfer funds, it is necessary to place an order correctly you can do this in the section "My Account". This is a client side of the resource, which displays information about the balance of all the operations carried out, the history of communication with the technical support of the bonus (as well as other necessary things).
Thus, you must first sign in to your account, find the menu item "My Account" and select "Withdrawal" menu item. The system will prompt you to select the output method, IQ Option allows you to transfer money to a bank account (card), on account of electronic payment systems, among which you can choose through QIWI, Web Money, Yandex.Money or Skrill.
Then you need to fill in the field reserved for details (card is the card number, for Yandex Money - the account number of Webmoney to -. The purse number, etc.), enter the amount and send the request.
Status Application can be tracked in the "Transaction History" if the status changed to "Completed", this means that the application has been approved and money transfer is done. After this, we can only wait until they are credited to the card (CSE account, etc.). If the application, for example, contains incorrect data, the application status changes to "Error". In this case, you need to cancel the application and create a new one.

IQOption Bonuses

One specific feature of IQOption website is that there are generous bonuses. Signup bonuses is a possibility to low the risk of trading with an unfamiliar web platform. For those who want to develop their trading skills, it is a possibility to minimize the risks. In order to get the signup bonus, there is no minimum or maximum amount required, so it is a great plus. So each account is entitled to receive a bonus. The minimum deposit - $10, which is more than affordable.

IQOption Convenience

IQOption is not only reliable but also convenient for traders. For example for not the platform offers over 20 different languages, so mostly each user can find his variant here. This option of the website in different languages helps to speed up the learning process. And even for a user who has never been working in this sphere before it is easy to understand how everything works. 
The website is designed in such a way that it is easy to understand it. You can navigate around no matter how high is your level of experience. This helps those who trade with IQOption to concentrate on the task.

Safety level

From the point of view of safety IQ Option can be highly rated.
They have CySEC license and follow all the regulations, which are stated by European trading community. First of all, it means safety norms. Then you will also be asked to verify your identity upon IQ Option withdrawal by using some of your personal documents. Some people start to worry about this because they don’t like to give personal info. In fact, this is standard procedure in the business and nothing that should worry you in any way. IQ options is a safe website and you can easily trust it. 
For today, you can use it on Android and iOS platform. So, the experience of use is reliable and trustworthy. One detail that must be noticed and that you have to remember - it might take up to three working days to process your money. The broker is 100% reliable. 

Specific features

This broker is always in touch with the latest technologies. The best improvement of this is convenient mobile app. This app id user-friendly and it is easy to figure out how to use it and start working. 
Even if you don’t have so much free time, you can use the app during your lunch break or sit on the beach on holiday. For trader now it is not obligatory to sit in front of PC or laptop. 
The mobile app can be downloaded onto such things as iPhones, iPads, and other smartphones. 

To sum up it should be said that it is a great trading platform, which provides the best possible service.

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Published 28 June 2016
Published 15 June 2016
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