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24 Option - Withdrawals

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24 Option - Withdrawals


Although trading binary options on a website is not so hard, there are still some areas that a customer must be aware of how each website handles them. One of those areas is the withdraw system and 24option tries to make their withdrawal process as straightforward and as transparent as possible.

It’s no secret that investors are attracted to binary options trading because everything seems to be much simpler to do than with other forms of market trading. With that being said, an investor on a binary options website should still make themselves familiar with the different policies of the site concerning withdrawals. Withdrawals tend to be very easy on sites such as 24 option, after all the money is the investors, not the websites so that is the way it should be. But a client on the site must also be familiar with withdrawal policies and the different fees associated with different types of withdrawals.

How Can I Withdraw Funds From My 24option Account?

Avoid delays in receiving your funds by ensuring that all your documentation is correct, up to date, and confirmed before you submit your withdrawal request. Every time you use a new payment method you will need to verify it, but once you have done this you will not need to verify that particular card in order to make a withdrawal again. The stages of verification include: Proof of ID – Photo identification, including passport, driver’s license, or any other form of government issued identity card. Proof of residence – Confirm that you are resident in a country accepted by 24option, with the following documents: Bank or credit card statement, recent utility bill, (water, electricity or telephone bill). Complete assessment of appropriateness – One of the sections of the verification process, make sure that all your answers are correct and up to date. Verify your payment method – If you are using a credit card, please send a picture of both sides of your credit card, displaying the last four digits of your credit card ONLY. Once your account is verified, ensure you are logged in to your account before accessing the banking page, and then the withdrawals section. Follow these steps to withdraw money: Fill in the required information Including the amount you wish to withdraw Click send, and wait – we aim to process all withdrawal requests within three working days. For more information about accepted verification documents, see our How to Upload Documents guide.

What Payment Methods Can I Use For Withdrawing Funds?

Withdrawals can be made to your credit card, through a wire transfer, or selected online payment systems. For your security, the first time you use any new payment system you will need to follow all the stages of our verification system as outlined above. Any payments you request will not be made until all documents are received.

How Much Am I Charged For Each Withdrawal?

Withdrawal charges vary with the type of account you have. For Platinum and Diamond account holders every withdrawal is free. Gold account members can make one withdrawal for free each month. Silver and Basic account holders can make one withdrawal for free, with charges each time you withdraw from then on.
  • Fees:
  • Credit card: 3.5%
  • Skrill (Moneybookers): 2%
  • Neteller: 3.5%
  • Wire transfers: $30, €25, £20, ¥3,000
Some banks may also make an additional charge on each transaction.
Are There Certain Hours For Making Withdrawal Requests?

A withdrawal 2016 request can be made at any time through Requests are only processed once all required documentation is recorded against your account. We aim to complete all withdrawals within three working days.
Is There A Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

There is no minimum amount for withdrawals made to credit cards, Skrill or Neteller. However minimum limits apply for withdrawals made by wire transfer: $50, €50, £50, ¥5,000 (JPY), ¥320 (CNY).
Is There A Maximum Withdrawal Amount?

Withdrawals are capped at the available funds in your account at the time of the request. This figure will not include any funds currently invested in open trades.
How Long Does It Take To Get My Money?

We aim to process all withdrawal requests as quickly as possible, and to complete the transaction within three business days of the original request. In order to avoid delays, please ensure that all verification documentation is up to date before you make your request.

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