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Migesco Review and Testimonials

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Migesco Review and Testimonials


Name Migesco
Online since: 2012
Jurisdiction:  London, United Kingdom 
Minimum Deposit: $5
Minimum Investment: $1
Max Returns:
The maximum income from the transaction
: up to 80 % from the transaction on the classic options , and up to 500 % on the options " Touch "
Currencies:   USD, RUB
Countries:    Russia, Ukrainian
Demo  No
Mobile:   No
The Migesco broker offers binary options trading on special terms: the minimum deposit is $5 and the minimum order for every binary option is equal to $1. These terms make binary options trading available for everyone. Regulated by the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (FMRRC), the brokerage company has been carrying out its activity in the Russian FX market since 2012. 

The Main Features

The Migesco trading platform offers more than 250 trading instruments (currencies, stocks, indices and commodities) and the four most popular options, such as traditional High/Low option with the expiration time varying between 15 minutes and 6 months, Touch/No-Touch option with the highest profit up to 500%, Range option and the most hazardous and dynamic one, which is called Short-Term option with expiration time in 1, 2 or 5 minutes. 

There is a broad array of freely available and useful information posted on the broker website, related to binary options, various options description, each option’s trading benefits, as well as the list of all available trading instruments and credits on them. The company has written a Step-By-Step Guide, subscribing in details the process of trading from the moment of account setting up to profit withdrawing, and a User Guide, covering the broadest spectrum of questions about binary options, for the traders’ convenience. 

The analytics section of the broker’s website is enriched by various market outlooks in daily (market pulse), weekly (trading plan) and monthly (the company’s major economic events calendar) perspective. The analysts send SMS notifications about the most relevant events of the day and recommendations on orders placing on a regular basis. The Trading Plan is the most famous project of the Migesco analytical department. This is a review of the major events of the week in a convenient format, describing the event by itself, the time of its holding and being available in the market, recommendation for orders placing, credit operations and the tips on choosing the best moment for order placing. 

Migesco Review and Testimonials



Offers for Traders 

All additional services and privileges that Migesco offers are gathered in Service Levels, which include: 

- a wide number of bonuses (Welcome bonus up to 120%, for excellent customers up to 80%), risk-free deals;

- available analytics materials. One part of the content is freely available, another part becomes available as soon as you reach a certain service level only. 

Training Materials 

- the service Personal Manager, which is in great demand among the company’s traders since it allows dealing with the broker without paying attention to some process-organizing staff; 
- the development of personal trading strategies. The financial analyst will analyze on demand a trader’s deals and prepare the personal recommendation for trading. 

It is worth noting that various service levels differ with service list and privileges only. Terms of trading, security, and transparency of trading operations are equal for all traders independently from the chosen service level. 


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Published 28 June 2016
Published 15 June 2016
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