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FinMax Review and Testimonials

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FinMax Review and Testimonials

Name  FinMax 
Online since:   2016
Jurisdiction:   Moscow
Minimum Deposit:  $100
Minimum Investment:  $5
Max Returns:  88%
Demo  Yes
Mobile:   No

The company declared itself as a reputable one thanks to its favorable trading terms and benefits that it offers to its clients. 

The binary options broker FinMax was founded in 2016. The brokerage house was established by a team of professional traders, who know all the important secrets of lucrative trading in the financial markets. One more significant relevance is that the FinMax team paid attention to all negative sides in market leaders activity and improved its service list according to their notices. That is why the broker is gaining popularity quickly among investors today.
What are the main benefits of FinMax broker?

1. A reliable platform. 
2. Transparent trading terms. 
3. The high quality of service. 
4. Risk-free deals. 
5. The flexible bonus system.

FinMax Trading Platform

FinMax Review and Testimonials


The FinMax broker’s trading platform combines the best elements of modern binary options trading. It is equipped with a simple and intuitive interface. Traders can choose basic trading instruments, expiration time and trade direction. 

You may work with line, bar, and Japanese candlestick charts. Several indicators are available for conducting the technical analysis. Besides, all traders can take an advantage of a unique signal system for absolutely free. 

The important feature of FinMax broker is that the clients get fully transparent information about his or her account and bonuses. You can always keep on track with how many orders you have to place to get a bonus. 

Education and Analytics 

Training is probably one of the most important conditions in trading that leads to success. The beginning traders often have little chances to raise funds due to the lack of their own strategies and poor knowledge base. 

The FinMax training section offers a wide set of possibilities for all categories of clients. The "newbies” can make their first steps using the market and binary options trading basics. You can also find some interesting strategies among the educational content of this broker. The great attention is paid to the trading platform description. 

In case the traders don't feel ready to start operating with their own funds, they may use demo accounts. Despite the majority of the modern brokers, the FinMax gives access to a demo account with zero deposit (replenishing will be required after registration only). It means that you can test the trading platform and then only make a decision whether to deal with the company or not. 

The analytics play an important role in the life of any trader. The FinMax broker pays much attention to it. Users can always stay in the loop with the latest market news and look through the recent reviews of the most popular trading instruments. 

The FinMax clients have a possibility to take an advantage of either signals or so-called social trading. The successful customers’ deals may be copied by other traders. This is a very convenient method, especially for those who got themselves into binary options trading no so long ago and haven’t yet caught its essence, but have a strong will for raising money. 

Promotions and Special Offers

The binary options broker FinMax holds a promotion called Risk-Free Deal, what means that each company’s client may place its first order up to 1000 US dollars without any risk. In case the deal fails, the company returns the total amount of investment as a bonus. See more details about this promotion on the FinMax broker’s website. 

The FinMax Broker Breaks the Binary Options Market Through 

Not so long ago the binary options market became a witness of new discovery. In the beginning of 2016, the FinMax Company launched their innovative trading platform. Despite the short period of its activity, the novice brokerage house has a steadfast stand in the market and the demand for its service keeps increasing. 

What are the reasons? The first one is that the company hired the leading traders in the financial markets, who tried to make conclusions on the mistakes of the brokers, working in the market for a long time, in purpose to develop a truly high-quality proposal and client-oriented service. 

At this moment, the broker is busy obtaining a license and very soon, it will be officially registered in regulatory bodies, including Russian ones. However, this is not an obstacle for a great number of clients who register with the company right now and deposit money on their accounts. In spite of the short company’s history, those who dealt with it praise its service. The number of positive testimonials is great. 

Transparent and Intuitive Platform 

The quality of service rendered in the binary options market is often evaluated according to the degree of the trading platform’s corresponding to all modern criteria. The FinMax Company’s traders took part in its development. They gave a proper weigh of all mistakes present in the existing platforms. 

In one hand, the FinMax trading terminal is simple in use. On the other hand, it has a rich functionality. These two features make the platform one of the best solutions in the market. It allows either placing orders or tracing the currency rates, carrying out the technical analysis by means of several indicators and charts. 

The trading terminal offers the social trading option. What does it mean? The beginning traders may copy the deals of their more experienced colleagues in real time mode. Trading signals are the next interesting feature. All clients of the broker may use it. 

Analytics and Education 

As all professional binary options brokers do, the FinMax pays proper attention to traders’ education. You can find a huge amount of training materials on the website, covering all the aspects of trading in the financial markets, including several kinds of analysis and strategies even. 

The company’s clients are also offered interesting article and e-book. As for the analytics, it is presented in the face of market outlooks and news. The most popular trading instruments are involved in the outlooks. 

The possibility to open a demo account with no deposit is another relevant feature of this broker. All that traders needs to do is to register and to send an inquiry. Using demo account, traders may test the platform and polish several trading strategies before starting making deals with a live account. 

Finally, the FinMax offers all its client risk-free deals. What does it mean? A trader can buy its first binary options contract without risking money. The maximum order is 1000 US Dollars. What happens if the deal fails? The investment returns into the account as a bonus. By the way, despite other brokers, the FinMax fairly claims that the money is transferred in bonus means. Its further spending is possible in accordance with the bonus program’s terms only. 

By the way, there is so additional information about bonuses. They are offered to the clients depending on a number of deposits. The more money you deposit, the bigger bonus you get. As for the bonus accumulating, the trading terminal shows how many orders you have to place before getting the bonus. This confirms once again the clear policy that the company conducts towards clients.  



Комментариев 66

    TratiMarkG 27 September 2016 18:43
    So, i tried Finmax's platform using my demo-account so far. Broker is quite good, but i noticed, that the have only two indicators.
    They have a lot to fix and to upgrade, but for novice they do look and functionize very good.
    In a few days i will put a minimum deposit on my account...
    Rolixvip 27 September 2016 19:12
    Quote: TratiMarkG
    So, i tried Finmax's platform using my demo-account so far. Broker is quite good, but i noticed, that the have only two indicators.
    They have a lot to fix and to upgrade, but for novice they do look and functionize very good.
    In a few days i will put a minimum deposit on my account...

    And what are your results?
    Vlad 7 October 2016 20:22
    I suggest to make a depo no least than one grand.
    I put on my finmax account 1500 and received good signals.
    And I made additional thousand thanks to that signals.
    Vlad 7 November 2016 12:05
    I also want to admit that Trading platform’s of Finmax corresponding to all modern criteria.
    Also clear policy of the company means a lot for me.
    Vlad 8 December 2016 13:53
    l started trading on finmax using demo account. Later, put 100 dollars on my acc. Very quickly gained 1000. Withdrawed, put back and became Silver. Cool broker. So far i have not seen nowhere before such lucrative offers and bonuses for those who put $ 1,000.
    DartPogorelus7713 21 December 2016 22:18
    They got much to improve, for instance scale configuration or quantity of indicators or withdrawal methods. But im still sure that Finmax is better then tha vast majority of other brokers.
    DartPogorelus7713 29 December 2016 11:06
    Happy New year and Marry Christmas to all traders! And to Finmax - best broker in 2016.
    Golo 11 January 2017 00:09
    Risk free deals helped me a lot from the start of my treding career on finmax.
    In fact this is honest and generous professional broker. I recommend it to all traders.
    ThinkeR 24 January 2017 01:25
    Wanted to get advice from proffys. How often you recommend to cashout your money from finmax? Once per month or rarely? Do they have a withdrawal fee or commission?
    ThinkeR 30 January 2017 09:46
    Comparing 24 and finmax...I must say that I consider finmax 0 best site with options fo this moment. Best platform, best conditions, best attitude.
    VaporiZZZer84 13 March 2017 14:15
    I ve set my personal record on finmax this weekend - 4000 dollars for two ours of trading!
    BatmanGeorge 26 April 2017 21:04
    Without a doubt finmax is really top-broker. Sufficient, modern and reliable.
    By the way last week was the best in my trading career - ive managed to earn more than 20000 dollars there,
    Victor 17 May 2017 11:50
    Quote: DartPogorelus7713
    They got much to improve, for instance scale configuration or quantity of indicators or withdrawal methods. But im still sure that Finmax is better then tha vast majority of other brokers.

    Good thing that Finmax now has more indicators and withdrawal methods.
    Victor 19 May 2017 15:20
    Been using Finmax for a while and I really like it. Extremely easy to use and I haven't found any bugs, which is great.
    Viktor R 25 May 2017 05:07
    The Social Radar feature on Finmax is definitely invaluable. It allows you to observe the performance of seasoned traders. Couple that with trading signals and your success rate increases
    Viktor R 27 May 2017 01:22
    Finmax provides trading strategies and YouTube videos that teach traders how to trade successfully. You can't see the same commitment and support from others.
    Simon 27 May 2017 16:34
    Finmax Academy is the secret weapon of traders to become successful. These are tools and features Finmax provides traders on the platform to guarantee a higher rate of success. Some of these include market analysis and trading signals.

    Finmax Academy is the secret weapon of traders to become successful. These are tools and features Finmax provides traders on the platform to guarantee a higher rate of success. Some of these include market analysis and trading signals.
    Client1 30 May 2017 12:12
    Im from Eastern Europe and i want to recommend Finmax to all trader from all over the world. For the very first time i meet reliable trusty and generous broker with great bonuses promotions and trading conditions
    Marcos 1 June 2017 07:40
    Finmax customer service is the best. Had a question about my withdrawal and they replied promptly and courteously. Talk about commitment.
    Chris Brandt 6 June 2017 10:08
    Hello, I'm planning to open an account on Finmax and been checking reviews about the platform. I want to know how much is the minimum deposit and investment as well as the bonuses they give? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
    William 8 June 2017 00:55
    Has anyone tried Finmax's mobile app yet? How much memory space does it take? How about the performance?
    William 8 June 2017 11:36
    What I want to ask anyone trading on Finmax already is to share what their winning rate is on the platform.
    Eric 13 June 2017 02:24
    Managed to got my bonus money on Finmax. They converted bonus to real cash when i performed all requirements concerning turnover
    Steven 14 June 2017 04:54
    I like this broker. The main reason is that they give newcomers great opportunity to learn and then to earn. Finmax is my first trading site, and I'm not going to switch it another one.
    Patrick Katz 15 June 2017 04:46
    I have seen their banners almost on all finance sites and since there is so much publicity I thought I would choose this broker to start my experiment as a trader. Now after a month of trading I can say that I did well to choose them. They have helped me from the very first moment and continue to do so with the signals and the operations they suggest to me. Now I understand why I've seen their banners everywhere.
    Guillermo Cruz 16 June 2017 04:47
    Last week received my money from my Finmax account on Webmoney Wallet. It took 48 hours for my money to come. I felt bad at first, but after a successful cashout, I began to trust this site even more.
    Enrico 16 June 2017 07:53
    I am from Italy. I am happy with the trading tools and support Finmax gives me. But the best part - I can trade using my own language. very comfortable
    Enrico 20 June 2017 05:16
    I want to commend all people from Finmax for creating a trader-friendly platform and providing the right tools to help us become successful
    Andrew 21 June 2017 10:54
    Thank you Finmax for giving me the opportunity to learn and earn.Satisfied with everything
    Patrick Katz 22 June 2017 21:06
    I've been trading for quite some time now. With the tools and support Finmax gives, my winning rate is amazing - between 71 - 85%

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