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Binary options it......what are binary options

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Binary options it......what are binary options


Binary option is a specific asset, type of standard option. As a rule, it is used as a financial exchange instrument which can earn money or not in definitely fixed time under certain conditions. Buying of option performs according to discussed price in advance. Result of the exchange can be increased on a difference between basic price and award of an option. In case of negative deal, common resources can be reduced on its cost. Often positive result depends from exchange price: will it increase or discrease higher or lower certain mark. Such exchange operations allow to know us before, what the sum we can get as reward and on the contrary. It gives us an opportunity to make trade process more simple and control all assets themselves. 

For getting the best forecast of future deals traders use specific statistical tools, such as:

1) Volume indicators. They:

- Show ratio of market volume to price changing;
- Make ratio price of an average value of the deal with already completed deal;
- Calculate tick volume.

2) Average sliding. Their main function is points turns of a trend with forecast for future steps diversity.
3) Trends indicators are used for calculating movement of turns area, direction of the market online, calculating coins of forming of a trend and its power.
4) Oscillators are used for analytical collection of information on short-term trends.

Professionals allocate some specific features of binary options. Firstly, we should mark an opportunity to control risks. This way, trader knows the sum, which he can get or cannot get before the deal's end. Secondly, its availability. There is the alternative allowing not to spend too big sums for buying share. Thirdly, profitability. In that she is connected with price movement higher or lower. She does not depends from any difference. Fourthly, simplicity of binary options. To learn the process of carrying out deals is so easy. Every novice can increase own income having no experience.

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Published 28 June 2016
Published 15 June 2016
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