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Types of binary options.

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Types of binary options.


Types of binary options.

The popularity of binary options is caused ease of learning and high income. However, it doesn't mean you can start to trade and have a success right away. In the second subject, we will talk about types of binary options. Every of them demands specific strategies and skills.

Standard option.

The most popular option is a standard binary option. Forgetting the good income you must make correct predict an increase (or decrease) the price at completion timeframe. The size of timeframe is about from 30 seconds to one month. It depends on from terms of transaction and broker's opportunities.

Income with using of the standard option is 70% of the investment. Even if the broker offers with using of standard options income more than 85%, most likely, it is a wonder.

The short-term option to 60 seconds.

One of the riskiest types of binary options is the short-term options. His difference from standard option is that we have to predict an increase (or decrease) the price at completion timeframe in the short period - not more than 60 seconds. Short term deal brings good profits to brokers and losses to traders. To make a correct prediction on such a short time is impossible.

Binary option One Touch.

Enough standard is a situation when the price of the asset for the takeaway period constantly changes. To the moment of option ending your price can make next jump or fall. As the result, trader loses all money, although direction was predicted right. 

For the situation like that One, Touch was created. The trader gets an opportunity to establish lower (or upper, depending on terms of the transaction) price level border. The schedule must touch your border one time and all. An option considered being fulfilled.

Income from a binary option in OneTouch differs and depends not only on time performance but also on the marked border. In any case, very high-interest rates should alert you.

Binary option Range.

In our world, there are many numbers of assets, for which price changing occur in a small range. It can be caused by activity in the market, for example, in night hours, or with any other factors. For another situation, much better binary option range will suit.

The program offers to the trader to mark price range, where, in his opinion, will stay the cost of chosen asset. If the price is beyond the border in the allowed time, the trader will earn a reward.

Binary option constructor.

A percent of income depends on from his complexity firstly. In many situations income from successful option can reach 90% from your investment and more, but the risk, in this case, will be a maximum.

For decrease available risks many brokers offer to traders option constructors.

As a rule, if we use standard option, in the case of failures to carry out of his conditions, the broker returns 10% of the own investment. If trader makes correct prediction, his income will be about 70% from the own investment. However if you are not sure in the correctness of the prediction, percent of return in constructors options it is possible to change a ratio of profit. For example, you can establish 55% of income and 30% of compensation.

This way significantly reduces the risks.


Despite this amount of binary options types, learn all of them you can for just about two hours. Of course, now we have discussed the basic principles only, but in the next time, we will tell you about existing strategies and systems.

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